Retire Clearly

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The goal of this simple tool is to give clear projections to inform users for retirement planning.

Input your values for the form and click Submit to see a visual of how much your savings will grow. Additionally, you will see how long that savings will last into retirement. Tax rates are determined by monthly income requirements and assumed married filing jointly.

To save your inputs, either click the Save button to save the inputs to your browser.


Growth Rates

These percentage rates are used to calculate annual growth of your retirement accounts. Conservative rates at 4% per year versus aggressive rates at 10%.

Retirement Lifestyle

What do you expect for your income and expenses in retirement?

Medicare offers greatly reduced medical insurance. Age for eligibility may vary in the future. The Monthly Health Insurance tracks the cost of health insurance prior to eligibility for Medicare. To estimate costs for health insurance before that age, check out this Forbes article.

Pre-tax Accounts

These accounts represent investment accounts where contributions are tax-deductable but withdraws are considered income.

Roth Accounts

Roth accounts are accounts where contributions use after-tax dollars, making withdraws are tax free. Principal withdraws are penalty free at any age, and earnings can be withdrawn penalty-free after 59½.

Additional Accounts

These accounts represent other retirement vehicles, such as health savings accounts (HSA).

To determine Social Security Income, check out the NerdWallet Calculator.